The US-Ramos Regime
Crisis and revolution in Philippine society

The rise of the Ramos ruling clique is symptomatic of the ceaseless tendency of the semicolonial and semifeudal society to stagnate, deteriorate and disintegrate. Here is the West Point-trained chief butcher of the Marcos and Aquino regimes becoming his own president. He has assumed the position of president by garnering only 23.5 percent of the votes cast, after using the facilities of the reactionary government and spending a high amount of money from US, Japanese, Taiwanese and other foreign monopoly capitalists.

The pluralism or multipolarization of ruling class politics into more than two parties since the downfall of the Marcos regime has produced a president of the blatant anti-national and anti- democratic character of Ramos. At the same time, the regime has brought together some of the worst elements of the Marcos regime to be at the top of the political system.The main objective of the current regime is to pursue the brutal total war policy, defeat the ongoing national democratic revolution and people and keep unchallenged the intolerable oppression and exploitation that the people are suffering from.

Complementary with the military campaign of suppression are the psywar tactics of the regime to misrepresent itself as a seeker of peace, mislead the people, isolate the revolutionary forces and induce the revolutionary movement to split and capitulate. The main premise of the regime’s current economic policy and its “Philippines 2000” is the pacification of the revolutionary forces and the people by brute force and the suppression of the democratic rights of workers and peasants. It is also maneuvering to perpetuate itself in power as Marcos did in the name of “constitutional reform”, “counterinsurgency” and “economic development”.
The anti-national and anti-democratic policies of the US-Ramos regime are aggravating the crisis of the ruling system and exacerbating the oppression and exploitation of the people.

Therefore, the people have no recourse but to carry out the national democratic revolution through people’s war until total victory is won and the socialist revolution and industrialization can commence.

The domestic crisis of the ruling system and the crisis of the world capitalist system provide the objective conditions for the growth in strength and advance of the people’s revolutionary movement.