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23 August 2019

A unit of Mt. Cansermon Command-NPA confronts barangay officials in Lamogong, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental. This is in response to the call of the residents of Lamogong against the anti-people and counter revolutionary policies recently implemented in the barangay headed by Brgy. Captain Arsenio Cadiente. He directed residents to secure ID from town proper. He wants to enforce ID system in the barangay and track movement of residents in an exercise of his town dictatorial rule. It can be remembered also that Mr. Cadiente denied that Teodore Casido, 49, his wife Rhea Casido, 31, Benan Cadelina, 61, and Danny Casido, 41, who were illegally arrested last June 28 as residents of his barangay and subscribed to the AFP theatrics that they are NPA red fighters. He has a habit of red-tagging his own residents thus putting their lives in danger.

This only proves the desperation of the AFP as they are using civilians to go against the armed revolutionary movement.

If the military had their way, they want the nationwide imposition of Martial Law. While a nationwide declaration is not yet in place, the AFP established a National Task Force to End Communist Insurgency. In Negros it is known locally as Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC). Through this task force, civilian authority of the reactionary government will be under the authority, control and meddling of the military. Under the Local Government Empowerment Cluster of the task force, they wish to transform the different agencies of the reactionary government as one big machinery for surveillance against the revolutionary movement, including democratic organizations red-tagged in counter-insurgency. They want to project that the national task force and its local counterpart is supported by the people. What they fail to understand is that no amount of token programs can solve the armed conflict. As long as they continue to neglect to address the root cause of armed revolution, the national task force and all counter-insurgency program is doomed to fail.

May we remind local officials to be wary and critical of the orders of the AFP and PNP. Are these policies really for the benefit of the people especially to the victims of militarization in the countryside or for counter-insurgency measures? The people can easily unmask these programs for they know the true intent of the fascist AFP.

May our local officials keep in mind that an elected post has term limits but the revolutionary movement will persist as long as there is oppression. Do not use your position to further oppress and suppress the people. Even the dictator wannabe who sits in Malacañang will not be in power for long.

As always, the NPA is ever-ready to punish the most rabid fascist perpetrators and defend the people. We are ever-determined to advance the people’s war to victory. ###

Ka Dionisio Magbuelas, Spokesperson
Mt. Cansermon Command
New People’s Army – Central Negros


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